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Deploy the learning instance assets

  • Updated: 2022/09/14
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • IQ Bot
    • Digitize

Deploy the learning instance assets

Deploy the process and RPA bots to the unattended Bot Runner devices, and assign the learning instance to a validation team. Here, you configure the learning instance assets to process documents in real time.


  • The user who created the learning instance assets must check-in the process, form, and bots to the public repository. If you have not done so already, complete steps 1 and 2 of Publish the learning instance.

  • To deploy the learning instance assets, you must be an Admin user. See Document Automation users.


  1. Assign the a team of Validators to the process:.
    1. Open AARI by appending /aari to the Control Room URL.
    2. Navigate to Manage > Process and locate the process with the same name as the learning instance.
    3. Click the process to assign it to a team.
    4. Navigate to the Request Creation section and select the by Bot option.
    5. Navigate to the Teams tab and click the Add icon on the left side.
    6. Select the team and click Add and save.
  2. Deploy the Extraction-Scheduler bot
    See these steps in a video:
    1. Return to the Control Room by removing /aari from the Control Room URL.
    2. Navigate to Automation > Public tab and locate the Extraction-Scheduler bot.
    3. Follow the steps to Schedule a bot.
      • At the scheduling details section, select Run repeatedly.
      • Select the Repeat every option to schedule the bot on a recurring basis.
        When you provide the desired interval and frequency, ensure that the interval matches the value in the Scheduler_Interval variable in the Extraction-Scheduler bot.
        Note: If you are scheduling the bot to run starting today, you must repeat the steps two times to schedule the bot as follows:
        • Schedule the bot with the desired start time for today, with an end time of 11:59pm on the same day.
        • Schedule the bot to start tomorrow at 12:00am, with an end time of 11:59 on a future date.
          Warning: If you do not follow this guidance, the bot will start running each day at the time you provided in the Start time field, instead of being scheduled to run for 24 hours of each day.
      • When selecting a Bot Runner, deploy the Extraction-Scheduler bot to a different Bot Runner than the one running the process.
        Note: A Bot Runner can run only one bot at a time. Ensure that you use separate Bot Runners for the process and the Extraction-Scheduler bot, so that the Extraction-Scheduler bot does not interfere with the Extraction and Download bots.

Once the process and Extraction-Scheduler bot are deployed, documents in the specified folder are uploaded to Document Automation, and Document Automation either extracts data from the documents or sends the documents for validation.

Next steps

Navigate to Activity > In progress to see the status of the running bots.

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