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Reference ID properties

  • Updated: 2022/03/22
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Build
    • AARI

Reference ID properties

The reference ID is a unique key reference that help you identify your related processes and requests. The reference ID is also different for teams, process, and bots.


The main objective of the reference ID is to help the user quickly identify all associated processes and the number of requests created from a process.


A reference ID is created from a Process key, a unique text input, that a user can enter when they edit their process. When the user configures their process key, it creates a prefix that corresponds to their process.

Key enhancements:
  • The Reference column in the Requests page shows the numbers of reference ID (e.g. 2-42, 98-10, MAIN-5).
  • The Process key and number of request iterations helps the user identify the sequential consistency among the number of requests for a given process (e.g. A Finance process with the FIN process key and number of new requests shows FIN-1, FIN-2, FIN-3, FIN-10).

URL enhancements:
  • The Requests URL is now changed to entity/ref/:ref from entity/:id.
  • The user can access their requests directly if they enter the reference ID (ex: /aari/#/requests/all#/requests/ref/2-34)
  • If the user opens any request using Request ID, the URL now redirects using Reference. For example, consider the Request ID as 896 and Reference as 2-34 for a request. If the user views the request using the Request ID (/aari/#/requests/all#/requests/896), the URL will redirect using the Reference (/aari/#/requests/all#/requests/2-34).

Scenario - Create a process key to view reference ID

  1. You edit a Beta process to create a Process key called ALPHA.
  2. You create multiple requests from Beta process.
  3. For each requests created from the Beta process, the ALPHA process key will iterate one time.
  4. You access the Requests page and view the Reference column.
  5. The Reference column shows ALPHA-1, ALPHA-2, ALPHA-3, this is the reference ID.
  6. You can now view the reference ID for all related processes.


For Bot, Process, and Team, the function is different compared to Request. The request ID from a previous environment is now replaced by the reference ID, this is to improve the single tenant experience by making a logical sequence to a referential number.

URL enhancements:
  • The Edit Process page now shows an updated URL (ex: /aari/#/manage/process/ref/96) where the user can directly access a process when they enter the reference ID.
  • The Edit Team page now shows an updated URL (ex: /aari/#/manage/team/ref/123) where the user can directly access a team when they enter the reference ID.
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