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AARI dashboard

  • Updated: 2020/11/24
    • Automation 360 v.x
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AARI dashboard

Use the AARI dashboard in Bot Insight to view various widgets that provide information about requests created from published processes in Automation Anywhere Robotic Interface (AARI).


The dashboard provides statistics and shows information about created requests for each process, which can vary from a simple summary to a complex cross-departmental view. You can use this real-time information to make process-related operational decisions. For example, consider a scenario where a manager can get a high-level activity overview of completed and pending tasks in the payroll process, which can then help the manager take necessary actions about the process.

From the AARI dashboard, you can access both the Default and Custom dashboards. Bot Insight automatically creates the Default dashboard from the variables used in the process. You can use save the Default dashboard as a Custom dashboard if required. You can also add widgets from the visualizations menu to your custom dashboards.

Based on RBAC, the following users have access to view the data on the dashboard:
  • AAE_Robotic_Interface_Admin can view all data inside AARI on the web interface across all teams.
  • AAE_Robotic_Interface_Manager can view all data inside AARI on the web interface for their own teams.

What you can view in AARI dashboard

The dashboard helps you to visualize and track the number of requests that are open, completed, canceled, or failed.

The dashboard also provides the following capabilities:
  • Heat map chart: Visualize data about the percentage of request created for each process for a day. You can specify the dates by function (day) to get specific information using the following criteria:
    • Group1: created date (interval: day)
    • Group 2: process name
    • Metric: request created in percentage (%) for each process
  • Request activity history: This table provides the execution history of the processes deployed on each Bot Runner machine. It includes information such as the following:
    • Process name
    • Username
    • Request details such as the status, ID, end time and start time, duration
    • Total human and bot duration
    • Total human and bot tasks
  • Stacked bar chart: Analyze the average duration taken by each process for human and bot tasks. For example, consider that there are two processes named API Test-Form 1 and API Test-Form 2 in the bot task type. For each process, the chart shows the average time (in seconds) taken for its execution. You can view and analyze this information using the following criteria:
    • Group 1: task type (human and bot)
    • Group 2: process name
    • Metric: duration (average)
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