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Connect learning instance

  • Updated: 2022/07/28
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • IQ Bot
    • Digitize

Connect learning instance

Connect to a learning instance in Automation 360 IQ Bot to process documents in that learning instance using the Document Automation workflow.


Open the Document Automation and Automation 360 IQ Bot environments on the same device.

When you connect a learning instance that was created in Automation 360 IQ Bot, the system creates learning instance assets (RPA bots, AARI process, and form) to enable the learning instance to start processing documents in Document Automation.
  • The Automation 360 IQ Bot environment must be associated with the Control Room where Document Automation is installed. In addition, Automation 360 IQ Bot must be in a version that is compatible with the Control Room.
  • You can connect one learning instance at a time.

A connected learning instance can extract data from check boxes if your device is configured with the Microsoft Visual C++ 2019 Redistributable package: Extracting data from check boxes


  1. Login to the Control Room as the Admin user. Navigate to Manage > Learning Instances. Click Connect learning instance.
    This takes you to Connect Learning Instances from IQ Bot classic page which contains a list of Automation 360 IQ Bot learning instances.
  2. Select the learning instance from version Automation 360 IQ Bot to connect with. Move it from left to right. Click Connect. Connect your learning instance
    The newly-connected learning instance appears in the Learning instances table in private mode.
Note: The value in the Provider column indicates whether a learning instance was connected from Automation 360 IQ Bot or created in Document Automation.
  • For a connected learning instance, the Provider column value is User-trained.
  • For a learning instance created in Document Automation, the Provider column value is Automation Anywhere (Pre-trained).

Next steps

Note: You must maintain the Automation 360 IQ Bot server because it stores the configuration and training data for the connected learning instance.
  • A connected leaning instance can only be edited in Automation 360 IQ Bot. To edit the leaning instance after connecting it, click the name in the Learning instances table and you will be redirected to open the learning instance in Automation 360 IQ Bot in a new window.
  • To upload documents for processing, click Process Documents. Process documents in Document Automation
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