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About the AARI process in Document Automation

  • Updated: 2022/06/08
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • IQ Bot
    • Digitize

About the AARI process in Document Automation

When you create a learning instance in Document Automation, the system also creates an AARI process to manage the bots. Review the following guide to understand the logic.

The AARI process manages the bots associated with a learning instance

  1. ExtractionBot: The RPA bot that processes input documents to extract data from them.
  2. Documents require validation: The ExtractionBot tried to process the documents then sent the documents for validation, the documents were successfully validated, and the DownloadBot downloaded the extracted data to the Success subfolder.

    Request status = VALIDATION_SUCCESS

  3. Document Validator Task: Opens the Validation user interface where the user can manually validate the fields in the document.
  4. Invalid documents: The previous process was interrupted at validation, where a user marked certain documents as invalid. These documents were downloaded to the Invalid subfolder.

    Request status = VALIDATION_INVALID

  5. Reprocessed documents: The previous process was interrupted at validation because the user clicked Reprocess. Documents were sent back to the ExtractionBot for reprocessing.


  6. Documents are successfully processed: The ExtractionBot successfully processed the documents, no documents required validation, and the DownloadBot downloaded the exacted data.

    Request status = success and STP

  7. Processing failed: The ExtractionBot failed to process the documents (for example: invalid format or could not read the file) and the file is saved to the Failed subfolder

    Request status = FAILED

  8. Deployment failed: The Control Room failed to deploy the ExtractionBot (for example: lost server connection). The Control Room makes three attempts.
Warning: We do not recommend deleting the process. If you unintentionally delete a process associated with a learning instance, do the following steps to recover the process:
  1. Navigate to Manage > Learning Instances and mouse over the actions menu to the right of the learning instance.
  2. Click Export.
  3. Mouse over the actions menu to the right of the learning instance and click Delete.
  4. Click Import at the top of the page.
  5. Click Browse and select the .dw file you exported.
  6. When prompted, click Overwrite to generate a new process for the learning instance.
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