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Using Extract data action

  • Updated: 2022/04/11
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Build
    • IQ Bot

Using Extract data action

TaskBots use the Extract data action to process documents uploaded to IQ Bot.

When you create a learning instance in IQ Bot Extraction360 (Preview), the Control Room automatically creates the extractionbot. To edit this bot, navigate to Automation > IQ Bot Processes, select the folder with the same name as the learning instance, and open the extractionbot.

The following table describes the action fields.
Note: We do not recommend changing the variables in these fields as that might break the process.
Field Description
Document to extract File path to the uploaded document
Learning instance name Name of the learning instance associated with this bot
Output results Specify where to hold IQ Bot data:
  • Uploaded to IQ Bot server: Data generated during extraction is uploaded to the server for further processing (such as validation) and later downloaded by a bot running the Download data action.
  • Saved to local folder: Data generated by IQ Bot is not sent to the server and is saved to the specified folder path.
    Note: If you select this option, IQ Bot does not send files for validation, since that requires the use of the IQ Bot server. In addition, you can remove the bot running the Download data action from the process, since selecting this option makes that bot redundant.
Service account If the learning instance associated with this bot will process receipts, click Pick to select the credential that contains your DocAI security token.
Document AI endpoint URL If the learning instance associated with this bot will process receipts, provide the URL to your Google service account for accessing Doc AI.
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