Scan Enterprise 11 or 10 bots using Bot Scanner

Before you migrate to Automation 360, it is important to verify the migration readiness of your bots. Scan the bots using Bot Scanner and analyze the generated report for information about the commands and variables used in these bots and how many of these commands and variables are supported for migration.


Ensure you meet the system requirements for using the Bot Scanner:

  • Hardware requirements
    Processor 2.66 GHz or higher (64-bit)
    RAM 8 GB or higher
    Disc space 128 GB or higher
    Repository size up to 10 GB
  • Software requirements
    • Operating systems: Windows 7 or later (32-bit and 64-bit)

    • Number of bots: 10,000

You can also use the Bot Scanner to scan and identify bots that use Internet Explorer that can be converted to a supported browser.

  • If your repository size is high or the number of bots is more than 10,000, then increase the Xmx heap size or RAM size to generate the report.
  • If your repository size is more than 10 GB or if the number of bots is more than 50,000, we recommend that you only scan for bots and skip scanning for processes.


  1. Download the latest version of Bot Scanner from the Automation Anywhere Support site.
    1. Navigate to the A-People Downloads page (Login required).
    2. Click the Automation 360 v.xx <Build_number> link.
      The xx in the link refers to the release number. For example, Automation 360 v.21.
    3. Click the Installation Setup folder.
    4. Click the AAE Bot Scanner zip file, and then click Download on the toolbar.
    See the following video on how to download Bot Scanner:
  2. Extract the files from the zip file you have downloaded and double-click AAE_Bot_Scanner.exe.
    Note: Ensure that you save the AAE_Bot_Scanner.exe file in a location path that does not contain a double-byte character. Otherwise, the Bot Scanner encounters an error when it is run.

You can use the Bot Scanner to scan bots that use Internet Explorer. The scanner generates a report that provides details on the number of bots that can be converted and the number of bots that cannot be converted to a supported browser.

  1. From the Automation Anywhere Bot Scanner dialog box, select one of the following options:
    • Migration to Automation 360
    • Migration + Bots using Internet Explorer
    • Bots using Internet Explorer
    Bot Scanner Utility
    The second and third options provide Internet Explorer usage statistics that helps you to convert Internet Explorer bots to a supported browser.
  2. In the Automation Anywhere Bot Scanner dialog box, enter the location of the folder that contains the bots that you want to analyze in the Select repository path field.
    Important: You must create a copy of the Control Room repository and provide the location of the copied folder instead of the actual repository folder.
    1. Copy the Control Room repository.
      For example, if the current location of the repository is C:\ProgramData\AutomationAnywhere\Server Files\Default\Automation Anywhere, you must copy the Automation Anywhere folder.
    2. Paste the copied repository at a temporary location. For example, D:\My Bots folder.
      You must provide this location (D:\My Bots) in the Select repository path field in Step 3.
  3. Enter the location where you want to save the generated report in the Select destination folder field.
    Note: The Bot Scanner related files and folders in the destination folder are overwritten if you have specified the same location when you have used the Bot Scanner previously.
  4. Enter a value in the Timeout field to specify the maximum time the Bot Scanner should take to analyze a bot.
    If the scanning of a bot takes more than the value specified in the Timeout field, Bot Scanner stops scanning that bot and proceeds to scanning other bots in the repository.
  5. In the Generate output report for option, select the options for which you need to generate the report.
    Note: For repositories that are more than 10 GB in size, we recommend that you select only the Bots option for generating the report.
  6. Click Create report.
    The Bot Scanner starts analyzing the bots available in the repository.

    The Bot Scanner displays an error if it scans a bot that is created using an unsupported version of Enterprise Client. You must upgrade the bot to a supported version of Enterprise Client and scan the bot again.

  7. Optional: You can click Stop scanning when the Bot Scanner is analyzing the bots to cancel the operation.
    The summary report and individual reports are available for the bots that were analyzed before the operation was canceled.
  8. Click Open report to open the summary report in the default browser after the Bot Scanner has completed analyzing all the bots available in the repository.

See the following video on how to use the scanner to scan Enterprise 11 or 10 bots:

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