Prerequisite tasks for migrating bots

After you have set up Automation 360, you must perform certain tasks before migrating the Enterprise 11 or Enterprise 10 bots.

  • Licenses:
    • For migration to be successful, the license requirements of the target Automation 360 environments must match the existing source Enterprise 10 or Enterprise 11 environments.
    • At least one Bot Runner license is required for migration.
  • Roles:
    Assign the AAE_Bot Migration Admin role to the user who will initiate the migration and the Bot Runner user who will perform the migration. The Bot Runner user who runs the migration must have the following permissions and criteria:
    • An unattended Bot Runner license
    • Autologin Set status
    • Default device configured

    See the following video on how to create an Admin user to initiate bot migration:

    See the following video on how to create a Bot Runner user to perform the bot migration:

  • Control Room settings:
    • Enterprise 11 users who have installed Automation 360 using a fresh database and Enterprise 10 users who have not copied Enterprise 10 data must manually create all the Enterprise 11 or Enterprise 10 entities, except bots, in Automation 360. See information about the entities you must create, see Prerequisites for manual migration.
  • Bot Agent: Install the Bot Agent on the device that you want to use for migration: Install Bot Agent and register device.

    See the following video on how to install the Bot Agent on the device identified for bot migration:

  • Bots: To migrate the production version of bots, import the Enterprise 11 bots using the Bot Lifecycle Management feature from the SVN version control enabled Enterprise 11 Control Room. See Import bots.

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