Install Cloud Migration Utility

The Cloud Migration Utility enables you to upload all your Enterprise 11 data to Automation Anywhere Cloud. After the data is successfully uploaded to Cloud, the Cloud Control Room is created and all the uploaded data is available for use in that Control Room.

The utility migrates data from Control Room repository (bots, their dependencies, and Credential Vault) and Control Room database (users, roles, schedules, queues, and Control Room settings).
Note: Migration of Enterprise 11 Control Room data, such as users, roles and credentials, to Automation 360 Cloud on Google Cloud Platform is not supported.
Consider the following recommendations:
  • Ensure that you install the Cloud Migration Utility on the same application server where the Enterprise 11 Control Room is installed. For Enterprise 11, also ensure that the utility is installed on the same database where the Bot Insight database is hosted.

  • If you installed Enterprise 11 in cluster mode, install the migration utility on one of the nodes of the cluster.
Note: We do not support migration from Enterprise 10 to Automation 360 Cloud. However, you can manually migrate Enterprise 10 to Automation 360 by using the bot export utility. For assistance, contact Automation Anywhere support: Open a support case (A-People login required).


  1. Download the latest version of the Cloud Migration Utility from the Automation Anywhere support site: A-People Downloads page (Login required).
    1. In the Automation Anywhere Automation 360 section, click the Automation Anywhere Enterprise Cloud Migration Utility link.
    2. Download the .zip file.
  2. Extract the .zip file and run the AAE Cloud Migration Utility.exe file as administrator.
  3. On the Requirement screen, click Install.
    The screen lists the applications that are required to install the utility on the machine. The utility installs the required applications; no separate installation is required.
  4. On the Welcome screen, click Next.
  5. On the License Agreement screen, read and accept the license, and click Next.
  6. On the Destination Folder screen, click Change if you want to change the location where you want to install the utility, and click Next.
  7. On the Ready to Install the Program screen, click Install.
    The Installing AAE Cloud Migration Utility screen displays the progress of the installation.
  8. On the Completed screen, click Finish.

Next steps

For Enterprise 11, Upload Enterprise 11 data using Cloud Migration Utility