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IQ Bot Extraction360 (Preview)

  • Updated: 2022/04/11
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • IQ Bot
    • Process flow
    • Digitize

IQ Bot Extraction360 (Preview)

IQ Bot Extraction360 (Preview) is a web-based, cloud-native intelligent document processing solution that business users can set up to automatically read and process documents quickly. This version is offered to a select group of early adopters from the following Automation 360 Cloud regions: Canada, EU West 4, and US Central.

IQ Bot works in tandem with RPA bots to extract semi-structured data to automate document-centric business processes. Previous versions of IQ Bot required extensive installation and configuration to get started, but IQ Bot Extraction360 (Preview) is installed as part of the Control Room. When you created a learning instance in previous versions of IQ Bot, you had to train the learning instance to achieve extract data accurately from sample documents. Training a learning instance was often labor-intensive. IQ Bot Extraction360 (Preview) does away with the training process but instead uses pre-trained models to process invoices and receipts.

To compare IQ Bot Extraction360 (Preview) features side by side with Automation 360 IQ Bot, see IQ Bot feature comparison matrix.


IQ Bot Extraction360 (Preview) includes the following components:
Learning instances
A learning instance is a structure that holds information such as document type, language, and the fields to be extracted.
The bots automate specific, repetitive, rule-based tasks to enable IQ Bot to process documents.
The process contains the logic for triggering the bots and coordinating the flow of data between them.

Set up the IQ Bot Extraction360 (Preview) environment

This version of IQ Bot is installed simultaneously with the Control Room and shares the Control Room database. There are no additional installation tasks.

To get started using IQ Bot Extraction360 (Preview), you must first configure users, roles, and devices, and connect the Control Room with Automation Anywhere Robotic Interface: Set up your IQ Bot Extraction360 (Preview) environment

Using IQ Bot Extraction360 (Preview)

The following is an overview of the end-to-end process to create, configure, and publish a learning instance in IQ Bot Extraction360 (Preview):

Step 1: Create a learning instance
Log in to IQ Bot as the learning instance creator user, and create a learning instance to extract values from documents.
Step 2: Process documents
Upload documents to the learning instance, fix validation errors, and verify the extracted data.
Step 3: Configure and publish the learning instance assets
Build a bot that uploads documents from a source folder to IQ Bot. Then, publish the learning instance assets (process, form, and bots) to the public repository.
Step 4: Deploy the learning instance assets
Log in as the Admin user to deploy the process associated with the learning instance to an unattended Bot Runner.
After the process is deployed, incoming documents are processed, and IQ Bot either extracts data from the documents or sends the documents for validation.
Step 5: Validate the uploaded documents
Log in as the Validator user, open the validation queue, and use the Validator to fix errors.

IQ Bot Extraction360 (Preview) known limitations

Note: Send your feedback and queries to:
When you are using this release of IQ Bot, consider the following limitations:
  • Manually refresh the Learning Instance table after processing a document or after validation to view the updated metrics.
  • The European number format is not supported in formulas.
  • If you delete the process for a learning instance, the Process documents button will still appear in the Learning Instances page. However, you will not be able to upload documents for processing.
  • IQ Bot Extraction360 (Preview) supports a device username of 21 characters or fewer.
  • When you check out a learning instance from the public repository and check it back in, the dependent bots and AARI form are cloned to your private repository. If you delete a learning instance from the public repository and then create a learning instance with the same name, the cloned bots and AARI form appear in that learning instance folder, but they are associated with the deleted learning instance and not the newly created one.
  • A Bot Runner can process a document with a maximum of 10 pages.
  • If you zoom in or out while validating a document in public mode, you will not be able to drag the corners of the system-identified region (SIR) selection.
  • IQ Bot Extraction360 (Preview) supports only pattern validation rules that contain regular expressions. Special patterns are not supported.
  • IQ Bot can process learning instances only on devices where the Bot agent is from Build 12350.
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