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Configure new Control Room licenses

  • Updated: 2021/09/02
    • Automation 360 v.x
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    • RPA Workspace

Configure new Control Room licenses

A Control Room administrator or a user with license management permission can configure the file licenses.


  1. Log in to A-People using your login credentials: A-People home page (login required).
  2. Click the License and Cloud Services tab to open the Licenses and Cloud Services portal.
  3. Click the Manage File Licenses tab.
    The page displays license entitlements and Control Room details.
  4. In the Control Room list view, click the Control Room name, which is available as a hyperlink.
    The hyperlink redirects you to the license configuration page, where you can select the entitlements you want to add to the Control Room and save and generate a license file.

    The portal takes a few minutes to generate the file.

  5. Use the Refresh option to see whether the license file is generated.
    The Control Room status changes from Available or Draft to Active. After the Control Room status changes to Active, you can click the Control Room name again and download the file.
  6. Based on your business requirements, reconfigure license files at any point of time from the same tab.
    You can only configure entitlements that are in Available status. If all the entitlements are used in your license files, you need to reconfigure a file to release entitlements and make them available to be added to a different license file.

    For partners, the page displays an additional drop-down list, which enables you to switch context between multiple customers that you are managing.

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