Get migration license

Migration is offered for free. To migrate to an Automation 360 environment (Cloud or On-Premises), you must request a migration license.

License terms and duration

  • If your migration is taking longer than expected to complete, contact your Customer Success Manager or Account Representative to discuss extensions.
  • Your Automation 360 migration license is transitional, which means it will overlap with your Enterprise 10 or Enterprise 11 license during the migration period.

    After you have completed your migration, your Automation 360 products and licenses will transfer over to the 1-to-1 equivalents of your current contract. You should review your automation requirements or renewal dates and determine if any updates in licensing are necessary.

Note: Run the Bot Scanner and determine when to migrate first. We recommend that you request a migration license only after you have run the Bot Scanner and have reviewed the prerequisites for your deployment choice.

Requesting your migration license

When you are ready to begin migration, contact your Account Representative, submit your Bot Scanner report, and specify if you are requesting licenses for an Automation 360 Cloud or On-Premises deployment.
  • To get started with Automation 360 (Cloud or On-Premises), you will be required to accept the in-product user terms.
  • Because Automation Anywhere will be hosting customer data, customers migrating to Automation 360 Cloud must also agree to the Cloud Automation Agreement.
For Cloud migration, keep in mind the following:
  • You must request the equivalent number of licenses for Control Room and other entitlements such as Bot Creators, Bot Runners, IQ Bot, and Bot Insight.

    Migration fails if the number of Automation 360 licenses is not equivalent to the number of Control Room and other entitlements available in your Enterprise 11 environment.

    Ensure that the number of Automation 360 licenses is equal to the number of Control Room and other entitlements available in your environment.

    Otherwise, non-migrated user accounts will require further action after migration.

  • You must request for the license when you are ready to begin migration because the migration code is valid for 30 days.

    If you are not ready to begin migration and you get the migration license (along with the migration code), the 30-day validity of the code might expire by the time you begin migration or you might not have sufficient time to complete the migration.

Activating the license

  • Automation 360 Cloud: You will be provided with a migration code that includes your migration license. Paste this code into the Cloud Migration Utility, and then run the utility to activate your license.
  • Automation 360 On-Premises: When you complete your Automation 360 installation, upload your GUID when you open the Automation 360 Control Room. If you do not have a license GUID, then upload the current license file.