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Validate documents

  • Updated: 7/15/2021
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • IQ Bot
    • Digitize

Validate documents

This is the final phase of the process where you manually validate error value fields in each document in the validation queue.


  1. To validate the failed documents, navigate to IQ Bot > Learning Instances and click the Review documents option next to the learning instance.
    The Validator form appears with the first failed document in queue.
  2. Update the error fields manually.
    • One file (.CSV) is generated for the form fields.
    • One JSON file and an additional CSV file for each of the auto-detected tables.
  3. During table validation, add or delete rows if required.
    1. Click the ellipsis next to a row to see the allowed actions.
    2. Add any number of rows, and enter the values in the cells.
      You will not be able to add new rows after you delete all the rows from a table. Remember to create a new row first before deleting all unwanted rows.
  4. After you complete the corrections, select Submit to complete validating the current document.
    After validation, the updated value results are sent to the Success folder.

    The Validator shows the next document in queue.

    When all documents are corrected, the system displays a message stating that there are no more documents available for validation.

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