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Password element properties

  • Updated: 2022/03/22
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Build
    • AARI

Password element properties

The Password element is now available for the web interface, this topic shows the key functions of this element.


The Password element enables you to add password fields to your forms that can be processed in the web interface. This element has specific behaviors for usage in the web interface.

These behaviors are the following:
  • The value of the password field is encrypted when the user submits a form (initial form or as part of a Human Task).
  • When another user accesses the same form after submission (read-only view of initial form or Human Task), they cannot view the password field as it is encrypted.
  • Since the password field values are encrypted, they cannot be used in the If/Else condition of a process.
  • Only the encrypted password field values are stored in the database. The decrypted values are not stored.
  • When you pass the encrypted password field value through a credential variable input to a bot inside the process, the encrypted password field value is decrypted by the bot during deployment by using an instantaneous key from the credential vault. No other configuration is required.

When you create a form and use this password element, the element is similar to the Text Box element with the exception that your text inputs in these fields are now masked.

Properties - the password element will have these key form properties
  • Element ID
    • This field can be editable or overwritten by the user who created the form
    • The field takes a unique default value (e.g. default value could be password1)
      Note: The Bot Creator can reference this field and is meant for internal use.
  • Element label
    • This field can be editable or overwritten by the user who created the form
    • A default label can be set (e.g Password)
  • The options to make the password fields required or read only.
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