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Deploy processes

  • Updated: 2022/03/10
    • Automation 360 v.x
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Deploy processes

AARI on the web interface provides a dedicated workspace to organize processes, create requests, and run and view tasks. Managers can create new teams and manage their teams' roles and deployment of tasks.

The checked-in processes are available on the web interface and can be assigned to the teams so that the team members can create requests and complete tasks.

The three main components involved in deploying a process are as follows:

Deployment workflow

The following workflow describes the steps involved in deploying a process by using the web interface:

  1. Create an AARI team and assign team roles to members.
  2. Assign an AARI team to a process.
  3. Create a request and complete a task.

Other tasks

Depending on the requirement, you can also perform the following tasks:

  • As an AARI manager, you can either assign or unassign tasks to your team members.

    Assign or unassign a task.

  • To clear the memory space, as an AARI user, manager, or admin, you can delete the requests that are no longer required.

    Delete a request.

  • To make process selection easier at the time of request creation, as an AARI user or manager, you can view, pin, or search for your assigned processes.

    View and search for a process.

  • As an AARI user, to quickly search for a specific request created, you can filter and search for that request.

    Filter and search for a request.

  • As an AARI user, when you have many tasks created from multiple requests, you can filter and search for a specific task.

    Filter and search for a task.

  • You can edit your process in the Process page of the web interface.

    Edit an AARI process

  • As an AARI admin, you can edit bots to set parameters, enable virtual window, and assign teams to bots.

    Edit an AARI bot

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