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Upload file with Put method

  • Updated: 2022/06/30
    • Automation 360 v.x
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Upload file with Put method

Use the Put method action in the REST Web Service package to upload a file or text.

This example uses endpoints from the Swagger Petstore sample API ( to demonstrate uploading a new file or text using a multipart/form-data.


  1. Use the Put method action in conjunction with an API that allows uploading a file.
    1. Double-click or drag the REST Web Services > Put method action.
    2. Enter the following URI:
    3. From the Content type drop-down, select multipart/form-data.

    4. Add the file parameter and provide the path of the file to be uploaded.
    5. Add any other required parameters. For instance, this API takes additonatalMetadata (for example, "hello"), which is a text input parameter. The additional parameter will also be uploaded.
  2. Assign the output to a variable, for example, Test123.

  3. Print the output in a message box.

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