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Bot Insight dashboards

  • Updated: 2022/05/25
    • Automation 360 v.x
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Bot Insight dashboards

The Bot Insight dashboards provide dedicated graphical insight to help you view your bot information.

Dashboards display meaningful visuals and charts so that you can analyze, interpret, and take action on the updates that are important to you. You can use dynamically updated information about active users, failed tasks, apps, bots, bot schedules, workflows, queues, and the overall status of devices to create custom dashboards and widgets.

When you create and run a bot, Bot Insight automatically creates a default dashboard. If you have a parent bot and a child bot, Bot Insight creates a separate dashboard for each of the bots.

When you deploy and run a bot on the Bot Runner machine, Bot Insight aggregates all the information related to that bot. The published dashboard for that bot displays the aggregated bot information.

My dashboards displays the following dashboards:
Note: You must have either the AAE_Bot Insight Admin or the AAE_Bot Insight Consumer role assigned to you to view the published dashboard.
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