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Installing Control Room for Cloud-enabled deployment

  • Updated: 2021/06/22

    Installing Control Room for Cloud-enabled deployment

    With Cloud-enabled deployment, you can store and process native business and operational data on site and take advantage of management and operational services delivered from Automation Anywhere Cloud.

    Automation Anywhere deploys and provisions an Automation 360 Cloud-enabled service instance in our cloud to deliver management and operational capabilities. Customer then installs the Cloud-enabled application within their infrastructure to consume these capabilities for storing and processing customer data.

    Note: Linux is not supported for Cloud-enabled deployments.
    For Cloud-enabled deployment, the initial welcome email that you received from Automation Anywhere contains:
    • URL to the Automation Anywhere Cloud-enabled instance
    • Provisioning token needed to establish trust connectivity with the Automation Anywhere Cloud Control Room
    Important: Do not discard the content of this email. You will need the information in the email to setup on-premises application.


    1. Receive your Automation 360 Cloud-enabled service URL from Automation Anywhere and provisioning token.
    2. Install and access the On-Premises application.
      Download and install the Cloud-enabled application on your network; the installation user is assigned administrator privileges.

      Installing Control Room On-Premises

    3. Log in to the On-Premises Control Room.
    4. Navigate to Administration > Settings > Cloud-Enabled.
    5. Provide the provisioning token to connect to the Control Room.
    6. Click Save changes.
      The trusted relationship between the instances is created.
    7. To test Cloud-Enabled functionality, open a browser, enter the URL of the Cloud Control Room service instance, and press Enter.
      You are redirected to the On-Premises Control Room.
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