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Using the Classify document action

  • Actualizado: 2021/12/03
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Crear
    • IQ Bot

Using the Classify document action

The IQ Bot Classify document action groups the input documents into various categories based on the selected model file that is created using IQ Bot Train Classifier action. Use this action if you are manually creating document groups.

Antes de empezar

Build and run a bot with the Train Classifier action to create a model file. See Uso del clasificador de capacitación action.


  1. In the Actions palette, double-click or drag the Classify document action from the IQ Bot Classifier package.
  2. In the Input file field, provide the default filepath for incoming files for classification.
  3. In the Classifier field, provide the filepath of the model file.
    You can either select the .zip folder or extract the .icmf file from this folder and select it.
    Nota: For better classification results and performance, we recommend that you use the .icmf file available in the .zip folder obtained from the Train Classifier action.
  4. Use the Output folder path option to save the classification output documents.
    The pages from the output document are saved in the respective subfolders based on the categories created in the model file.
  5. Opcional: Configure the Confidence threshold (%).
    If the confidence value of the category prediction of a document is less than the confidence threshold, the document is moved to the Unclassified folder.
  6. Select from Normal mode or Express mode.
    • Normal mode: The Classifier parses the entire document and groups it based on the fields in all the pages.
    • Express mode: The Classifier groups the document based on the fields in the first page.
  7. Select or create a list variable to hold the output.
    The classification results as a list with the following keys:
    • fileName
    • pageIndex
    • category
    • confidence
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