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Prepare to install Control Room on Google Cloud Platform

  • Actualizado: 2020/11/05
    • Automation 360 v.x
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    • Espacio de trabajo de RPA

Prepare to install Control Room on Google Cloud Platform

Ensure that you complete the required steps to prepare the Google Cloud Platform instances for installing the Control Room.


  1. Configure the Network Security Group of all the servers as specified in the following list:
    • Name: aarestrictedsecuritygroup
    • Type: Ingress
    • Targets: aarestrictedsecuritygroup
    • Filters: IP ranges: List of IP addresses provided by the IT security team
    • Protocols and ports: all
    • Action: Permitir
    • Priority: 1000
    • Network: default
    Nota: In the IP address ranges field, enter all the IP addresses of all the virtual machines (VMs) in the cluster environment.
  2. Set up the F5 load balancer with the following configurations:
    • Select standard as the type option.
    • Enter as the Source address in Host.
    • Enter F5-LB-Private IP as the Destination Address/Mask in Host.
    • Enter 80 as the Port and select HTTP as the Service Port.
    • Select the Notify Status to Virtual Address check box.
    • Enable the load balancer state.
      To use SSL offload with the F5 load balancer, provide the SSL certificate at the load balancer level, and configure your Control Room application servers to use HTTP mode only.
      Recommendation: Your IT team should configure the F5 load balancer with the Control Room.
  3. Set up pools and nodes with the following configurations:
    1. Update the pool properties:
      • Choose a basic configuration.
      • Select ICMP as your gateway to monitor health.
    2. Update the pool member options:
      • Choose the round-robin method for load balancing.
      • Disable the priority group activation.
    3. Update the node properties:
      • Change the state to enabled.
      • Select node-specific health monitors.
      • Select ICMP as your gateway to monitor health.
  4. Configure the Active Directory server.
    Verify that all the VMs in the cluster can ping each other using private IP addresses.
  5. Connect using RDP to one of the Control Room nodes or servers and run the Control Room installer.
    The Installation Prerequisite Check verifies that your system has the basic configurations required for Automation Anywhere. Consulte Automation 360 On-Premises prerequisites.

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