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Preprocessing error messages

  • Actualizado: 2021/10/01
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Crear
    • Espacio de trabajo de RPA

Preprocessing error messages

If you encounter any preprocessing errors, review the cause and perform the required action to resolve the error.

Nota: These scenarios are applicable only to Automation 360 v.21 or earlier releases. For v.22, Only the Catch action scenario is applicable, so review the probable cause.
Cause Action required
A mismatch occurred and we did not find the expected variable data type. Use an inline expression or a separate action to convert to the correct variable data type.

Descripción general de variables

A "$" is being read as a variable but no such variable exists. Use "$$" to escape the dollar sign and try again.
The bot is calling another bot, but we did not find the child bot at the specified location. Check the path and try again.
We found a Catch action that is not contained by a Try action. Ensure that each Catch action is contained by a Try action.
We found a Try action that does not contain a Catch action. Each Try action requires at least one Catch action inside it. Ensure that each Try action contains a Catch action.
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