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Map a field

  • Actualizado: 2022/03/10
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • IQ Bot
    • Digitize

Map a field

When you are training a learning instance, if a field value was extracted incorrectly or if the field was not found, you must remap the field.

Antes de empezar

If you have not done so already, first create a learning instance with sample documents. Crear instancia de aprendizaje

For an introduction to the components, see Introducción a la Designer.

The Designer image display panel contains blue boxes that surround text, date, or number type data. Each of these blue boxes is a system identified region (SIR) that indicates that IQ Bot has identified that region as containing extractable data. Perform the following steps to map a field to teach IQ Bot to extract data from that field (for example, the invoice number) from a specific region (for example, the top-right side of SIR).

Nota: These steps apply only to text, number, and date data types. IQ Bot also supports check boxes. Para obtener más información, consulte Extraer datos de casillas de verificación o grupos de casillas de verificación.


  1. Select a field and specify the data type from the Data type list.
    Nota: If a field value contains a mix of letters and numbers, such as invoice number, select the Text option.
  2. In the image display panel, click the field from where you want to extract data.
    IQ Bot tries to identify and autopopulate the corresponding field value in the field details panel.
    Consejo: Use the pipe symbol (|) to add field aliases, which represents alternative text that might be present in an SIR. For example, if the recipient's information is in a field labeled Sold to in some of the documents and in Ship to in other documents, enter Sold to | Ship to as the field label.
  3. Opcional: Drag the corners of the green-bounded box to resize the mapping area.
    Alternatively, draw a new mapping area by holding and dragging the cursor.
    When you resize any value region or create your own value region using select, its position is fixed relative to the field label. The value for that field is always searched in that relative region.
    Reset a fixed field region defined by the user in the autodetected mode by clicking the close button at the top-right corner of the field.
  4. Opcional: If the column value is not consistently available in the training documents, expand the Field options section and select Optional.
  5. Opcional: Add validation patterns or custom logic.

Qué hacer a continuación

Review each field to verify whether the correct value is extracted. Then, proceed to mapping table fields. Consulte Mapear una tabla.

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