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Working with Bot Insight dashboards

  • Actualizado: 2020/05/15
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Optimizar
    • Espacio de trabajo de RPA

Working with Bot Insight dashboards

You can save or delete a Bot Insight dashboard when required. You can also delete a user-created dashboard.

When you delete a dashboard, it does not impact the data associated with that dashboard. You can delete dashboards that are available in the Analyze and Configure tabs of the Bot Insight window. The dashboards available in the Analyze tab are the published dashboards. Therefore, if you delete a dashboard from the Analyze tab, it will no longer be available for other users.


  • Save a dashboard:
    1. Open the dashboard that you want to save.
    2. From the Actions menu, select Save as.
      The Save Dashboard window appears.
    3. In the Dashboard Name field, enter the name for the dashboard.
    4. In the Dashboard Description field, enter the description of the dashboard.
    5. Haga clic en Guardar.
      Click Save As to save a default dashboard as a customized dashboard.
  • Open the dashboard you want to delete.
    1. Click Delete on the toolbar.
    2. Click Okay.
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