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Distributed architecture with HA/DR support

  • Actualizado: 2022/03/10
    • Automation 360 v.x
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Distributed architecture with HA/DR support

The Automation 360 self-contained platform within the customer environment mitigates the risk of "cross-contamination" from an unlikely event of a security breach from another network.

Automation Anywhere supports distributed architecture to deliver the optimal performance and security. Following are the main distributable components of Control Room which can be clustered to achieve High Availability (HA). In the image below, Automation Anywhere components are shown in orange and components provided by your organization are shown in blue. Los componentes que se alojan de forma centralizada en la nube y son gestionados por Automation Anywhere, como el servidor de licencias, se muestran en blanco.

Figura 1. Distributed Mode

High Availability (HA) Deployment Model

Distributed Cache

Control Room architecture uses distributed cache to update all other nodes as soon as any information is updated in one of the nodes. This ensures fastest data synchronization across all the nodes and delivers seamless user experience. Automation 360 platform uses clustering mechanism to implement distributed cache, to synchronize all data operations. For example, when the Credential Vault is opened from one node, it is automatically opened for all other nodes too.

For information on HA/DR architecture for Automation 360 Cloud, see Automation 360 Cloud Security and Data Privacy.

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