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Using the For each row in CSV/TXT iterator

  • Actualizado: 2021/04/07
    • Automation 360 v.x
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Using the For each row in CSV/TXT iterator

Use the For each row in CSV/TXT iterator in the Loop action to read the data of each row in a CSV or text file and assign the current row to a record variable. The bot reads the values in each cell as string-type values, even if there are numerical values.

Antes de empezar

First, open the CSV or text file. Utilizando la opción de Abrir action para el archivo CSV/TXT

Nota: The For each row in CSV/TXT iterator only supports CSV/TXT files that conform to the RFC 4180 standard. For more information about the standard, see Common format and MIME type for CSV files.
To use the For each row in CSV/TXT iterator in a Loop action, do the following:


  1. Haga doble clic o arrastre la action del Bucle desde el package de Bucle en la paleta Actions.
  2. Select the For each row in CSV/TXT option from the Iterator list.
  3. Enter el nombre de la sesión que ha utilizado para abrir el archivo CSV o de texto en el campo Abriraction.
  4. Seleccione una variable de registro de la lista Asignar la fila actual a esta variable o cree una nueva.
    Nota: If you select an existing record variable, ensure that the column headers capitalization in the CSV or text file match that of the schema of the record variable. Schema

Qué hacer a continuación

Insert actions to use the values from the CSV or text file in your automation. Use the record variable to retrieve the values by index number or column name. For example, if the first column of the file is titled EmployeeID, to retrieve the value of the first cell of each row enter $rYourVariableName[0]$ or $rYourVariableName{EmployeeID}$.
Nota: You must select the Contains header option in the CSV/TXT > Open action to specify the record values by column name.

For an example, see Build a Bot Insight dashboard bot.

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