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Guidelines for exporting and importing bots

  • Actualizado: 8/19/2021
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Explorar
    • Espacio de trabajo de RPA

Guidelines for exporting and importing bots

Review the guidelines before you export or import bots.

Guidelines for exporting bots

  • Export the action packages along with the bot because the packages in the target Control Room to which you are importing the bot might be different.
  • Export the bots folder-wise by moving all the bots from one folder first before moving to the next folder. So do not select the bots from the different folders
  • Ensure your SMTP (email) server is integrated with the Control Room so that you can receive a link to the exported package through email.

    Configuraciones del servidor de correo electrónico

  • Ensure that the source and target Control Rooms have the same set of global values.
  • Ensure that the source and target Control Rooms have the same set of lockers and credentials that are referred in the bots.

Guidelines for importing bots

  • Recommended: When importing bot from the Automation page, use the Skip the bot or file (don't import it) option because you might want to check the bot first before overwriting it with the imported bot.
  • Recommended:: First import the bots to your private repository (if you are a bot developer), verify the bot, and then check it in to the public workspace.
  • The bot directory path is case-sensitive, so ensure that the export and import paths use the same letter case in the Control Room.
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