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Wait package

  • Actualizado: 2021/07/23
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Crear
    • Espacio de trabajo de RPA

Wait package

Use the actions in the Wait package to add a condition to wait for an application screen to change, or a separate window to open or close before proceeding to the next action.

Actions en el package de Wait

El Wait package incluye las siguientes actions:

Action Descripción
Esperar condición Makes the bot wait until a specific condition is true before executing the next action.
In the Wait till field, specify the condition to meet. For example, the wait condition can be based on whether an application is running, a folder or file exists, a variable matches the specified value, an application window exists, or a machine or server is running.
  • If a bot encounters an internal error that does on appear on the UI, it does not wait for the amount of time that is specified in this action. The bot does not stop and continues to the next line.
  • When you create a bot and use the variable option to search the window title and use the condition Window exists, or Window does not exist the bot will not search for the changed window title. Also, it will not identify the window title if you have changed the variable. You can use the condition Window with same title does not exist, or Window with same title exist to verify whether a window with the same title exists or changed.

This action offers the same conditions as the If package. See the If package.

Esperar cambio en la pantalla Consulte Usar Esperar el cambio de pantalla action.
Esperar ventana Consulte Uso de la ventana de espera action.
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