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Office 365 Excel package

  • Actualizado: 2020/05/12
    • Automation 360 v.x
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Office 365 Excel package

The Office 365 Excel package contains actions that enable you to automate tasks in the online version of Microsoft Excel.

Elegir el package de Excel en Automation 360

Automation 360 includes packages to support three types of Microsoft Excel usage. For optimal results, use the package that corresponds to the type of Excel that is available on the device you are running bots on.

  • Excel no está instalado: If you do not have Microsoft Excel installed on the device on which you are running bots to automate Excel-related processes, use the Excel basic package.
  • Excel para equipo de escritorio instalado: If you have a desktop version of Microsoft Excel installed on your computer, use the Excel advanced package in your bots.
  • Solo Office 365 Excel en línea: If you are using Microsoft Excel 365 on a web browser, use the Office 365 Excel package for automating tasks related to Excel.

Antes de comenzar

  1. Use the Connect action to establish a connection to the Office 365 server.
    Consulte Uso de la Conexión action.
    Nota: Office 365 packages do not currently support Multi-Factor Authentication or Single Sign-on.
  2. Use the Open action to select a workbook, or the Create action to create a new workbook. Consulte Operaciones del libro de trabajo.
  3. Opcional: If the workbook contains more than one worksheet, use the Activate sheet action to specify which worksheet to use.
  4. Use a combination of actions available in this package to automate tasks.
    Nota: To use actions from other Office 365 packages, establish a connection using the Connect action from that package.
  5. Use the Close action to exit from the workbook.
  6. Utilice la action Desconectar para finalizar la conexión.

Actions en el package de Office 365 Excel

actions en el package de Office 365 Excel le permiten realizar las siguientes operaciones:
Operaciones Descripción
Celda Perform operations related to cell and range operations, such as append, delete, format, get properties, and insert.

Consulte Operaciones de la célula

Row and column Perform operations related to column and row operations such as autofit, delete, and read.

Consulte Operaciones de columna/fila.

Tabla Perform operations related to the table operations such as create, delete, filter, get properties, rename, and sort. Consulte Operaciones de mesa.
Workbook Automate opening, closing, and creating a workbook.

Consulte Operaciones del libro de trabajo.

Worksheet Perform operations related to worksheet operations, such as activate, delete, find, get worksheet names, hide, retrieve worksheet count, and show.

Consulte Operaciones de la hoja de cálculo.

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