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Bot migration package

  • Actualizado: 2022/04/29
    • Automation 360 v.x
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    • Espacio de trabajo de RPA

Bot migration package

The Bot migration package enables you to migrate Enterprise 10 and Enterprise 11 bots to Automation 360 format. The package also enables you to convert Enterprise 10, Enterprise 11, or Automation 360 bots that use Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge with IE mode. This package is used internally by the Bot Migration Wizard and the Update Bot wizard.

Consulte Versiones Control Room compatibles para la migración.

Importante: We recommend that you use the Bot Migration Wizard to migrate Enterprise 11 or Enterprise 10 bots to Automation 360.

The Bot migration package does not migrate dependencies and other entities such as credential variables, AAApplicationPath system variable, and global values that are required to run the migrated bot.

Action in the Bot migration package

The Bot migration package includes the following action:

Action Descripción
Migrate legacy bot Starting from Automation 360 v.24R2 release for IE EOL, the Migrate bot action is renamed as Migrate legacy bot.

Migrates the Enterprise 11 and Enterprise 10 and bot file to Automation 360 format and uploads the migrated file to the specified location in your private repository with the same name as .atmx and .mbot file. This action only migrates the bot you specify, but does not migrate its dependencies. Dependencies are the bots and other files that are required to run the bot. You must migrate the dependent bots separately and upload other files manually to Control Room.

All the bots migrated using the Bot migration package are stored in the Bots folder in Automation 360. If you have to migrate a parent bot and its child bots separately using the Bot migration package, you must create the same folder structure as in Enterprise 11 or Enterprise 10 and move the dependent bots to these folders for the parent bot to run successfully.
  • Use the Control Room file, Desktop file, or Variable tab to specify the location of the bot you want to migrate.
  • In the Output folder path field, specify the location where you want to save the log files generated for the bot migration.
    Nota: Ensure that the location you have specified exists on the device.

    The system does not upload the bot if it fails during the migration process. The system creates an XML report at the same location that provides information that helps you to troubleshoot if the system encounters an error during migrating the bot file.

  • Select the Overwrite the file if exists check box to overwrite an existing bot file.
  • Set a time-out value for migrating the bots within the range of 3 through 90 minutes (default value is 90 minutes).

    If the migration of any specific bot is not completed within the set time, the bot will display a timeout message with the reason for the failure and the migration process will move on to the next bot.

  • If you are migrating Enterprise 10 and Enterprise 11 bots that are built using Internet Explorer, select the Convert bots built using Internet Explorer to Edge with Internet Explorer mode option to convert them to Microsoft Edge with IE mode.
Update bot This action converts Automation 360 bots that are built using Internet Explorer browser to Microsoft Edge Chromium with IE mode. This action is internally used by the Update Bot wizard to convert the bots.
Nota: This action cannot be used manually in a new or an existing bot for bot conversion.
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