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Backup and export learning instance

  • Mis à jour le : 9/16/2021
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Migrer
    • IQ Bot

Backup and export learning instance

Ensure you backup your existing learning instance before exporting it. A learning instance is exported as IQ Bot archive (IQBA) file. Groups, robots, and learnings associated with the learning instance are also exported.


When you export a learning instance, only a single document associated with every available robot (Group) training is exported. However, the production documents do not get exported.
Remarque : Ensure that you do not export a learning instance that has only unclassified groups.


  1. Log into IQ Bot as an administrator.
  2. Click Administration > Migration.
  3. Click Create Backup.
  4. Select the learning instances you want to back up and then click Backup.
  5. Enter an appropriate name for the IQBA file and click Backup to begin the export process.
    The exported data file with the .iqba extension is available in the BackupData folder in your IQ Bot output directory. For example, C:\Users\Public\Documents\Automation Anywhere IQBot Platform\Output\BackupData.
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