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Expose an action as a property

  • Mis à jour le : 2021/09/03
    • Automation 360 v.x
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    • Espace de travail RPA

Expose an action as a property

An action can be exposed as property if it does not accept any parameter. This can be done by setting the following properties on CommandPkg.

Action property values

The name of the property, unique at action level, in auto-complete box this name would appear.
A description of the property.
The data type on which property operates, only if the type matches, the property will be appear in the auto-complete box.
The data type for what property returns. If this type does not match with the field type where it is used, there will be validation error.
@CommandPkg(label = "Uppercase", name = "uppercase", description="Converts the source string to upper case.", 
icon = "uppercase.svg", node_label="Convert {{sourceString}} to upper case| and assign the result to {{returnTo}}|", 
return_type=DataType.STRING, return_required = true, return_label="Assign the output to variable", 
property_name="uppercase", property_description="Converts the string to upper case", property_type=DataType.STRING, 
property_return_type=DataType.STRING) public class UpperCase {
    public Value<String> convert(
            @Idx(index = "1", type=TEXT)
            @Pkg(label="Source string")
            String sourceString){
        return new StringValue(sourceString.toUpperCase());
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