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Using POST method

  • Mis à jour le : 2022/04/20
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Explorer
    • Espace de travail RPA

Using POST method

Use the Post method actions from the REST Web Service package to send requests to and receive responses from a REST API.

This example uses endpoints from the Swagger Petstore sample API ( to demonstrate using Post method action to add data to the Petstore database.


  1. Ouvrez un nouveau bot.
    1. Dans la Control Room, sélectionnez Robots > Mes robots.
    2. Cliquez sur Créer un nouveau > Robot.
    3. Dans la fenêtre Créer un robot de tâches, saisissez un nom de bot.
    4. Acceptez l'emplacement de dossier par défaut \Bots\.
      Pour modifier l'emplacement de stockage de votre bot, cliquez sur Choisir, puis suivez les invites.
    5. Cliquez sur Créer et modifier.
  2. Use the Post method action to add a new pet to the store.
    1. Double-click or drag the REST Web Services > Post method action.

    2. Enter the following URI:
    3. Under Authentication Mode drop-down, select No Authentication as this endpoint does not require authentication.
      Remarque : Typically endpoint requires authentication to ensure that only authorized applications are able to access the data. Select an appropriate authentication mechanism to allow access to the endpoint you want to access.
    4. Copy and paste the following into the Custom parameters field, replacing the text in the angle brackets with the value that you copied from the file:
        "id": 0,
        "petId": 0,
        "quantity": 0,
        "shipDate": "2022-04-20T22:08:11.977Z",
        "status": "placed",
        "complete": true
    5. Create the variable Output in the Assign the output to a variable field. For more information on creating a variable, see Création d'une variable.
  3. Insert a Message box action to see the response body.
    1. Double-click or drag the Log to file action.
    2. In the Enter the message to display field, enter $Output{Body}$.
  4. Click Save and then click Run.
    The bot displays the response in the message box.
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