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Example of using Create a Request action

  • Mis à jour le : 2022/04/02
    • Automation 360 v.x
    • Créer
    • AARI

Example of using Create a Request action

The Create a Request action from the AARI Web package enables you to create a new request in AARI on the web through a bot. In this example, use the Create a Request action to pass data through bot variables to initial form of the AARI process.


  • You must have a Bot Creator license and be assigned a custom role with the following permissions:
    • Check-in and check-out permission
    • Create folder permission
  • Create a process and check-in the process to the public workspace
  • Assign at least one team to the process with the default team selected
  • Select the by bot option in the Request creation field
In this example, we will create a process to register new employee details in the company database. The initial form contains basic information such as Name, ID, Date of Birth, Gender, and Location. We will pass the initial form data through bot variables.


  1. Log in to the Control Room as a Bot Creator user.
  2. Create the initial form.
    1. On the left plane, click Automation.
    2. Click Create new > Form.
    3. Enter the form name