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  • Mis à jour le : 2021/11/23
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Specify a formula as part of validation options for a selected field or table column. Use basic arithmetic, comparative, logical, and functional operations.

Conseil : We recommended using functional operators instead of mathematical operators when validating fields and tables for better accuracy.
When formulating an expression remember the following:
  • All function names must be in capital letters.
  • All formulas must result in either a true or false validation.
  • Field and column names are case sensitive when used within formulas. If field is defined as Qty in design, using qty or QTY in formula results in an invalid formula.
  • For variable declaration or manipulation, ensure not to use certain keywords that are reserved for formulating an expression, including SUM, SUB, DIV, MUL, COLSUM, IF.

Mathematical Operators

Operations Description Syntax
+ Addition Field/Column_Name1 + Field/Column_Name2
- Subtraction Field/Column_Name1 - Field/Column_Name2
* Multiplication Field/Column_Name1 * Field/Column_Name2
/ Division Field/Column_Name1 / Field/Column_Name2

Comparative Operators

Operations Description Syntax
== Equal To

[Current Field/Column Name] == [expression comprised of one or more field/column name or fixed numeric values]