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Create a bot to test the new package

  • Mis à jour le : 2021/08/11

    Create a bot to test the new package

    Use the actions in Automation 360 to create a bot and test the new package you have added to your Control Room.


    Ensure you have the following to build the bot:

    • Access to the Control Room.
    • Credentials with AAE_Basic permission or a custom role to create bots.
    • Your workstation is a registered device in the Control Room.
    • Your package A2019FileDetails-2.0.9.jar is available in the Control Room.


    1. Log in to the Control Room.
    2. Dans le volet de gauche, cliquez sur Automatisation.
      La liste des bots et des formulaires disponibles s'affiche.
    3. Click the Create a bot icon.
    4. In the Name field, enter TestingFileSize or any other name you want.
    5. Click Create & Edit.
    6. In the Actions pane, find File Details and drag File Size into the bot flow.
      1. In the Select a File for analysis field, select Desktop file, click Browse, and select any file from your desktop.
      2. Click Create variable to create a new number variable.
      3. In Create Variable, enter nFileSize and click Create & Select.
      4. Click Apply.
    7. In the Actions pane, find the Number package and drag the To String command.
      1. In the Enter a number field, enter F2, and select nFileSize.
      2. In the Assign the output to variable field, select prompt-assignment - String from the drop-down list.
      3. Click Apply.
    8. From the Actions pane, drag Message box.
    9. In the Enter the message to display field, click F2 and select the prompt-assignment variable.
    10. Click Apply and Save.
    11. Click Run.
      The bot displays the <The value of the file size> , which is a successful build.
    If you were not able to run botyour bot, go back and modify your configuration steps in your Control Room.
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