Version Release Notes

These release notes contain new features, changed features, fixed features, and known limitations in Version for Automation Anywhere Control Room, Enterprise Client, and Bot Insight.

New features

There are no new features introduced for Control Room in this version.

There are no new features introduced for Bot Insight in this version.

Enterprise Client new features
Feature Description
Execute scripts and select row while automating a task in SAP Added new actions Execute script and Select row that enable you to execute a script and select a row in the grid.

Changed features

There are no changed features in this version of Control Room.

There are no changed features in this version of Bot Insight.

Enterprise Client changed features
Feature Description
Download attachments in Email Automation Command (Zendesk #222941) In the Email Automation command with the Get All Messages option, you can now download attachments with the same filename suffixed with a numeric value, if an attachment with the same filename and file extension with a different case already exists in the selected folder.

Fixed features

Control Room fixed features
Zendesk ticket ID Description
235097 Scheduled bot now sets the correct next occurrence time when the schedule Start Time is set to 12:00 AM. The scheduled bot runs on the production environment and no longer stops.
234140 Schedule time now works properly and no longer changes the next occurrence time when you deactivate and activate schedules between the Start Time and End Time and schedule days are other than the schedule Start Date day.
203700 When you install the Control Room with Oracle Database, unknown records with end time as N/A now appear at the end in the Historical Activity landing page.
- -

When IQ Bot and Control Room are installed either on the same machine or different machines, after the machine on which IQ Bot is installed restarts, IQ Bot now successfully authenticates and redirects to the login page without errors.

215273, 216405, 240850 You can now successfully upload the bots without any exception even when the Automation Anywhere Control Room Caching is restarted.
- - When the Bot Store token expires after 7 days, a message appears on the Bot Store login page stating that your session has expired. You can now re-login to the Bot Store using the same credentials.
- - A schedule configured using Schedule management now runs only one time and not twice for the specified time.
225393 The default value of the following property is now changed to 5.
The larger the number, the more efficient the firing is. You can increase the property value in such situations where many triggers need to be fired at a time.

To enhance the schedule triggering, you can also modify the default value as per the number of schedule triggers configured for the same time. See Property to schedule triggers efficiently.

Enterprise Client fixed features
Zendesk ticket ID Description
-- The Select time option for atmx files now displays only .vlgx files.
-- In the Select Cell By Index option within the Object Cloning command, during runtime, an error message now appears if the provided row and column do not exist in the table.
243772 You can now run the PDF integration command with your provided PDFs without any errors or exceptions.
00331858 You can now run the bots by building a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) connection, even when you change the RDP port from the default value (3389) to a custom value.
-- The ABBYY OCR engine was not releasing resources when using the OCR based screen's GetText operation in MetaBots. The ABBYY OCR engine now releases resources after completing OCR operations in MetaBots.
130162 MetaBot Logic now refers to only screen titles, not command titles. Update existing commands in the MetaBot Logic that use the command title to use the screen title.
235147 The Save as XML file option now exports tasks that have the If Else If Else command in combination with any conditions. The Export function no longer skips other commands when the Else If command is available within the task.
199670 You can now schedule two tasks simultaneously from both Enterprise Client and Control Room without the runtime window freezing. When two tasks are scheduled, the higher priority task executes and completes first, and then the lower priority task executes and completes.
175395 In the Visual Logs option within Report Designer, the application now no longer increases memory and does not crash with an Out of Memory error.
162674 The File action in Multiple Folder Triggers now works correctly when the folder paths are located in the same folder hierarchy.
138741, 240499, 240758 The Enterprise Client Version player execution no longer throws unhandled .Net Errors when generating temp files when Microsoft Excel is opened.
105042, 191276, 192718, 193615, 194656, 195527, 204011, 215436, 222518 The NONE Key issue relating to target applications for all window titles based commands on Windows 10 has been resolved as of Enterprise Client Version

See Target application works incorrectly.

- - In the REST Web Service command, you can now add the local variables and text with the other local variables in Request > Header using F2 after you have used the Credential Variable.
-- Third-party integration commands, such as SAP, Zip-unzip, PGP, Terminal Emulator, and Send Email in Automation Anywhere now work on a machine or a newly configured virtual machine (VM) that does not have the required Primary Interop Assemblies (PIA) redistributables.
-- When you create a Bot Store package, if you try to add one or more .atmx task files as manual dependency in its own task using the Workbench, a validation message now appears that prevents you from completing the action.
-- After you create and save the Bot Store package, the zip file created in the folder location is now highlighted when you click Open to access the zip file.
-- When a command that consists of the dictionary variable executes, the csv file successfully reads with valid values even if the file is kept open in the editor.
-- The key reference in the dictionary variable now correctly preserves round brackets ( and ) when inserting a new key value using the F2 key option.
Bot Insight fixed features
Zendesk ticket ID Description
-- In the Business Information dashboard, the active links listed in the Business Dashboards menu now redirect you to the respective business dashboard.
-- In the Data Profile menu, the Data Type field now displays the variables in time stamp format.
-- When you upgrade from Automation Anywhere Version to Automation Anywhere Version, the Business Information CoE dashboard appears fine.

Security fixes

There are no security fixes listed in this version.

Deprecated features

There are no deprecated features listed in this version.

Known limitations

Control Room known limitations

The Control Room does not work properly when more than one IP is assigned to a server. To work in the dual IP server environment, you need to manually define the IP that you want to use as the local IP in the following tag of the file and restart the services:

ignite.local.static.ip=<Primary static IP server>
Note: Updating the file requires complete downtime, because of which all the Automation Anywhere Enterprise clients are disconnected and no schedule triggers.