Splitting documents

Use this command to split a PDF file into separate files based on user specifications.

Follow these steps:


  1. Select the PDF file to split and type the user or owner passwords if the file is encrypted.
  2. Specify the Output File Creation options:
    • Pages per file: Specify the number of pages each new output file will contain (for example, 5 pages for each split).
    • Single file with page range: Select this option to create a single output file that contains the specified page numbers.
    • Blank page as a separator: Select this option to generate a new output file whenever a blank page appears in the PDF document.
    • Bookmark level per file: Splits the file by the PDF bookmark level. If three levels are present, the drop-down list shows Level1, Level2, and Level3 as options. Split the PDF by selecting the appropriate bookmark level.
  3. Folder path: Specify the folder location for saving all output files.
  4. Specify the filename as a prefix for the PDF files.
    The files contain index numbers as suffixes.
  5. Optional: Mark the check box to overwrite existing output files with the same filename.
  6. Click Save.