Using SnapPoint

Use the SnapPoint feature to add screen shots to an automation task or to capture screen shots when a task is running.

Capturing images while recording tasks

Automation Anywhere provides the latest technology for capturing and displaying screen shots as you create automation tasks.

Note: If you enable Secure Recording mode, screen shots are not captured. Enterprise 11 secure recording mode

To capture screen shots, click Tools > Options > Advanced Settings. Click Capture Screenshots While Recording.

You can resize images and move them inside the Workbench to a desired location. The captured image is the active window during recording, and shows you where mouse pointer is located.

Consider the following example for line number 17 in the task. When you click Mouse Click: Left Button, the corresponding image shows the Windows calculator.

The snappoint image for mouse click action.

Using the Visualize tab

Use the Visualize tab in the Workbench to view a complete graphical layout of the current task. The following example displays a task when you click Start > Run > OK in the Run window, and then click number '1' in the calculator.

The task action pane displaying snappoint images for all actions in a bot.

The Visualize tab does not display SnapPoints or images captured during recording for protected bots. Instead the following message is shown:
You cannot set SnapPoints or visualize the images of 
this bot as it is protected however you can view or 
edit the variables value or view the bot dependencies only.

Setting SnapPoints to refresh the images

When you create a task manually using the Workbench, or you modify a recorded task, the images that you captured during recording might not be the most recent. Automation Anywhere provides a convenient way to refresh the images called SnapPoints.

To set SnapPoints, click the Set SnapPoint button. You can now set SnapPoints in the column to the left of the line numbers, as shown below. When you run a task after setting SnapPoints, Automation Anywhere recaptures the images for those commands on which you set SnapPoints.

The images are captured after the task runs.

The task action list pane.

Note: The Set SnapPoints option is not available for a protected bot.

Commands that Support SnapPoints

The following commands support SnapPoints:

When you 'Enable' Secure Recording

Note: If you enable 'Secure Recording mode', no images are captured. Learn More When you click 'Visualize', it is disabled while 'Secure Recording' is on.
Note: If the 'Secure Recording Mode' is enabled, 'SnapPoint' is disabled. Also, if you try to enable Snap view whilst 'Secure Recording Mode' an error message "Secure Recording mode. Image have not been captured during recording" is shown.