Logging in to Enterprise Client

Logging into your Enterprise Client, requires that you have a login to an Control Room.


The Enterprise Client works with the Control Room. To use the functions of the Enterprise Client, requires:

  • You have a user credentials for access to the Control Room.
  • Your username has roles and permission to use Bot Creator and/or Bot Runner.

Administrators create and manage users. See User management overview.

To validate installation of the Enterprise Client, log in to Control Room using the Enterprise Client:


  1. Launch the Enterprise Client.
  2. Enter the Control Room URL in the prompted format, https://<hostname>:<port>

    The Enterprise Client login requires connecting to a Control Room.

    If an Access Manager Reverse Proxy server is used for a secure connection, for example, IBM WebSEAL, then type the Reverse Proxy server URL instead of the Control Room URL.

  3. Enter your Control Room user credentials.