Create a credential

As an automation expert, Credential Vault provisions you to securely create and store your credentials. Therefore, it ensures that your credentials can be used in bots without compromising security with safe deployment of tasks. Any authorized user can create credentials.

To create credential, follow the steps mentioned below:


  1. Login to Control Room, click Bots > Credentials.
  2. Click the Create credential button or click create a credential under the credentials tab (This option is displayed only when you are creating your first credential.)
    This opens the Create credentials page in which you can add maximum 50 attributes to your credentials. When you create the 50th attribute, the page updates to show the message: "Credentials can only have a maximum of 50 attributes".
  3. Provide Credential details such as Credential name and Description (optional).
  4. Enter the following Attribute details:
    • Attribute name
    • Description (optional)
    • Value:
      • Standard: The credential owner must enter the value. All consumers see the same credential value set by the credential owner.
      • User-provided: The value field is grayed out as the values are to be provided by the consumer and not preset during creation. Only consumers of the locker containing this credential can provide the value.

      You can chose the following security related options to be applicable on the value you input:

      • Masked: To hide the value that you type behind special characters (bullets) so that the actual value of the attribute is not visible.
      • This is a password: To mark a particular attribute as password type.

        An attribute with this option selected will only be available in those credential variables supported commands in Automation Anywhere Enterprise Client where the fields are of Password type.

        This ensures the attribute is not exposed and its value cannot be printed in a notepad or any other 'plain text' application.

        For commands supporting fields that are of Password type, see Credential variables.

  5. Click Create credential.
    If you already have an existing locker, then you can assign your credential to the respective one while adding Credential details. If no locker has been created then you must create a locker and then assign your credential.
    A notification is displayed when your credential has been successfully created. After your credential is successfully created, it is visible in the list of credentials tab.

    If email notification setting is enabled and credentials are added to a locker, then all the locker consumers shall receive an email.

    For information about permissions related to credentials, see Credentials- Overview.