Version Release Notes

These release notes describe new features, changed features, fixed features, and known limitations in Version for Automation Anywhere Control Room and Enterprise Client.

The Control Room Version update is available for the base Version 11.3.1. See Enterprise 11 upgrade considerations.

New features

Control Room new features
Feature Description
Manage manual dependencies from Control Room (Zendesk # 209844) You can now add or remove manual dependencies from the Control Room for any Task Bot (.atmx file). To manage dependencies, use the Manage Dependencies link available through the Bots > My bots > View bot menu.

You must have the Run or Schedule rights or both on the My Docs, My Exes and My Scripts folders.

See Add or remove manual dependencies.

Changed features

Control Room changed features
Feature Description
Control Room APIs enabled for single sign-on (SSO) You can now use APIs for an Control Room configured in a single sign-on environment.
Enterprise Client changed features
Zendesk ticket ID or Service Cloud case ID Description
327244 If the location of a bot changes and a variables association exists for that bot, the application now prompts you to update the variable mapping between the parent and child Task Bots in the Run Task command.
328783 When you upload or download a Task Bot with dependent files to or from the Control Room repository, the relative path of the dependent files is also included in the CSV file when you use the Export to CSV option.
00379228 You can now perform the following operations using the Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI):
  • Install the Google Chrome, Java, Silverlight, and Adobe Flex plug-ins in online and offline mode.
  • Uninstall the Google Chrome and Java plug-ins.

You can perform these operations using the installation wizard or through silent installation.

See Install or uninstall plug-ins using MSI.

Fixed features

Control Room fixed features
Zendesk ticket ID or Service Cloud case ID Description
-- Users with specific roles no longer have issues when opening the Repository Manager in the Control Room. They can download files from the Enterprise Client for the My Docs folder.
334462 You can now add or remove dependencies using the API without receiving an Internal Server error message.
Enterprise Client fixed features
Zendesk ticket ID or Service Cloud case ID Description
187611, 215676, 217196, 226990 You can now delete an XML file after closing the XML session using the End XML Session operation.
205919, 211431 A configuration option is provided to ensure that the characters are read correctly after using the PDF Integration command with the Extract Text option.

The configuration option is used to set the flag for ReadWithSystemEncoding to False in the AA.Settings.xml file.

331499 When you use the Execute Query option in the Database command by connecting to an Excel file for the database and then disconnecting from it to obtain the details with an empty result set within a loop, the application does not show the Session does not exist error message.
362685 When you use the Object Cloning operation, the Double click operation on a check box now functions properly for all Java applications.

Security fixes

There are no security fixes in this version.

Deprecated features

There are no deprecated features in this version.

Known limitations

Control Room known limitations
  • When you manage manual dependencies from the Control Room on a Task Bot (.atmx file), review the following known behaviors:
    • When performing the Update, Close, or Cancel action on the Task Bot using the Manage Dependencies page, you are redirected to the View bot page. If you choose to go back to the My bots page using the Back button, you are redirected to the parent folder. The folder path containing the Task Bot file is not restored.
    • If the Task Bot (.atmx) imported from the Bot Lifecycle Management package has the same file added as a Manual dependency as well as a Reference dependency, when you remove the Manual dependency, the Reference dependency is also removed.
    • When the parent task is deployed, only the Manual dependencies added to the parent tasks are deployed; the dependencies added in the nested tasks are not deployed.
    • When you add the same file as a Reference dependency as well as a Manual dependency to the Task Bot, only the Manual dependency is visible on the View bot page under the Review dependencies section.