Uninstalling Version patch

When you uninstall Version to revert to Version 11.3.5, you will receive a message requesting for an 11.3.5 MSI file. Perform this task to provide the Version 11.3.5.msi file to uninstall Version


  1. Go to the Control Panel > Programs and Features > View installed updates and select the Automation Anywhere Enterprise Update Click Uninstall to uninstall Version
  2. Click confirm in the dialog box to uninstall Version
    A new dialog box appears, requesting the Version 11.3.5.msi file.
  3. Copy the location of the installation path from the Use source location in the dialog box and verify if the folder is available in the temp folder.
    Example: C:\users\Samira\AppData\Local\Temp\{DC49A947-09A8-482A-9692-3CEE1B931B67}\
  4. If the location is not available, create the folder manually in the Temp location.
    Example: {DC49A947-09A8-482A-9692-3CEE1B931B67}
  5. Install the Control Room application using the Version 11.3.5 executable file.
    The MSI file is extracted in your temp location. Example: C:\users\Samira\AppData\Local\Temp\{776EBFFB-37A3-4868-A097-65C9023664AF}\
  6. Copy the MSI file and paste it in the folder created in Step 3.
  7. Cancel Version 11.3.5 installation from the dialog box requesting to repair or remove Automation Anywhere Enterprise.
  8. Click OK in the dialog box to proceed uninstalling Version