Viewing default COE dashboard

If you satisfy all the prerequisites to access a CoE dashboard, you can log in to Bot Insight to view a default CoE dashboard.

Note: Ensure that you have either of the following roles assigned to you, inorder to view the CoE dashboard:
  • Bot Insight Admin
  • Bot Insight CoE Admin
To view a default CoE dashboard, do the following:


  1. Open the Bot Insight window. See Viewing a dashboard.
  2. Click the Configure tab.
  3. Search for the CoE dashboard.
    The default CoE dashboard appears in the search results. The name of the dashboard is in orange color text.
  4. Select the CoE dashboard that you want to view from the search results.
    The selected CoE dashboard appears.

    The default widgets appears after the dashboard is loaded. The default CoE dashboard merges the data processed by a bot in the last 30 days with the default business information. The default business information contains metadata such as process name, department name, hours saved, and money saved.

    You cannot customize a default CoE dashboard. You can save a copy of the default CoE dashboard and then customize the saved copy of the default CoE dashboard. See Sharing a dashboard.