Viewing a dashboard

You can view a Bot Insight dashboard from both the Enterprise Client and Control Room.

Bot Insight refreshes data every hour in the dashboards that are deployed to production. This is the default configuration, which you can change after installation. Ensure that you wait for an hour and verify the refreshed data. Because many of the automation tasks that are deployed to the production environment from the Control Room are scheduled to run automatically based on a schedule, the data is automatically refreshed in the production deployment.


To view a Bot Insight dashboard from the Control Room, do the following:

  1. Log in to the Control Room with the AAE_Bot Insight Admin, AAE_Bot Insight Expert, or AAE_Bot Insight Consumer role.
  2. Select Insight from DASHBOARDS.
  3. Click the Open Bot Insight link.
    The Bot Insight dashboard appears in a new tab. You can view the following dashboards:
    • Analyze
    • Configure
    • Operation