Increase performance, efficiency, and usability of a task.

Task properties manage the running task, including whether the task is repeatable, the rate of replay, any notifications to be sent, hotkeys, security on the client machine, and analytics concerning the operation of the task. Use the Properties tab to set and adjust the settings for the task.

Properties Tabs

View and edit general task properties, including:
File Name
Displays name of the task.
Created at
Displays the date and time of task creation.
Displays the last time the task was run.
View Log
Click View Log to see historic and detailed status of the task.
Last Run Time
Displays the last time the task was run.
Mouse Clicks
Lists the total mouse clicks recorded in a task, automatically calculated based on the task.
Lists the total keystrokes recorded in the task, automatically calculated based on the task.
Total Clicks
Lists the total clicks (Mouse Clicks + Keystrokes) recorded in the task. Automatically calculated based on the task.
Priority (for queuing)
Specify a priority for the task, which will decide the precedence of the task when it is in a queue. Also, if the priority is same then rules apply for precedence of jobs.
Specify timeout for the task to ensure that the task gets canceled automatically after the specified time. Timeout can be set only in minutes between 0 and 9999.
Enable this task to run with other similar files or window titles
By default, the task recorded will only run on the specific file(s) it was recorded on. (For example, a task recorded on the file abc.xls can run on def.xls, xyz.xls, or any other *.xls file, without editing the task.
Add descriptions and notes for a task in the Description/Notes window.
Specify the frequency or conditions to repeat the task.
Adjust the speed that the task runs.
To send an email message after the task has run.
Assign a keyboard shortcut to launch the automated tasks.
Set parameters to ensure that only authorized users run the task, that monitors do not display task related data, and disable the keyboard and mouse while the task runs.
Enable sharing data for Analytics.