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Configuring for dual IP servers

  • Aktualisiert: 2021/06/07
    • 11.3.x
    • Installieren
    • Enterprise

Configuring for dual IP servers

If your Control Room server has multiple IP address or network interface cards (NICs), you can manually update the cluster.properties file to include the Primary IP address.


Complete Control Room installation.


As of Automation Anywhere Enterprise Version 11.3.4, this configuration is completed during installation. Skip this post-installation task.

Note: Updating the cluster.properties file requires complete downtime, this means all the Automation Anywhere Enterprise clients are disconnected and schedule triggers do not run.

Update the cluster.properties file to ensure the caching service requirement to define a single IP address for the primary NIC of the Control Room.

Complete this task on all the Control Room nodes in a high availability cluster.


  1. Locate the cluster.properties file in your Enterprise Control Room directory.

    For example, default location is:

    C:\Program Files\Automation Anywhere\Enterprise\config\

    If the file does not exist in your Control Room directory, create the file.

  2. Add the following property options to the cluster.properties file.

    Add ignite.local.static.ip=<primary_ip_address>. For example:


    Note: The ignite.local.static.ip property is configured with a single IP address on the primary NIC of the Enterprise Control Room node.
  3. Save the cluster.properties file.
  4. Restart the listed services in the following order:
    1. Automation Anywhere Control Room Caching
    2. Automation Anywhere Control Room Messaging
    3. Automation Anywhere Control Room Service
  5. To ensure all the cache are in sync, restart the rest of the Automation Anywhere Enterprise Windows services.
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