Using the Image Recognition command

Use this command to search for an image within a source image.

To use the Image Recognition command, follow these steps:


  1. Double-click or drag the command to the Task Actions List pane.
  2. Select the source image file from a folder or capture it from an application window.
    This image can be standalone or contained within another image that is captured dynamically at run time.
  3. Select Show Coordinates to capture and view the coordinates of the target image within the window.
  4. Specify the wait time (in milliseconds) in the Wait field.
  5. Select or capture the image that you want to click upon during play time in Image2.
    You can capture the image from an an application window or select it from a File.
    If you are using the command for a window, you also have the flexibility to position your click location relative to an image. This is useful when the target image is blurred, has some background noise, or the target image is visible multiple times.
  6. Select Image Occurrence when the target image can be found multiple times.
    You can insert a variable when you do not know the number of times the image might appear on the screen. Ensure you assign variables that support numeric values.
  7. Select a click option:
    • Left Click
    • Double-Click
    • Right Click
  8. Specify match percentage and tolerance.
  9. Select one of the methods of comparison.
    • Advanced
    • Normal
    • Gray-scale
    • Monochrome with threshold
  10. Optionally, select the Quick Test button to see the output without running the entire test.
  11. Click Save.