Hardware requirements

The Control Room is deployed on servers in data centers. The Enterprise Client is deployed on any device that runs the supported operating system. The minimum Automation Anywhere hardware requirements include: server, machine, processor, RAM, disk storage, and network.

Note: Automation Anywhere does not provide any monitoring functions for the repository such disk space usage, memory, or other alert mechanisms related to the repository. There are commercial tools available from other third-party independent software vendors (ISV) who provide such tools.

If there is an increase in the memory usage of the Control Room while running Java processes, this is expected behavior unless you encounter an out of memory or similar exception. Ensure that you are using the recommended RAM for the Control Room server installation.

For every server or machine, the installation wizard requires the following:

  • IP addresses: Identify all the nodes (servers) IP addresses in the data center cluster before installation. You provide these IP addresses during Control Room installation.
  • Access hardware: To enable viewing the Automation Anywhere interface, provide:
    • keyboard
    • mouse or other pointing device
    • monitor with 1366 x 768 or higher resolution

Control Room server requirements

Control Room must be installed on a server level machine. The server can be a physical machine in your data center or an instance on a cloud platform.

Component server Processor RAM Storage

(free disk space)

Control Room Servers 8 core Intel Xeon Processor 16 GB 500 GB 1 GbE
Control Room on Amazon Web Services EC2 8 core Intel Xeon Processor 16 GB 500 GB 1 GbE
Control Room on Google Cloud Platform 8 core Intel Xeon Processor 16 GB 500 GB 1 GbE
Control Room on Microsoft Azure 8 core Intel Xeon Processor 16 GB 500 GB 1 GbE
Note: We recommend that you configure the Control Room network bandwidth to above 1 GbE because the uplink traffic might quickly exceed 1 GbE, depending on the complexity of the automations that are run.

Based on the expected product usage and data stored in the Control Room, ensure that you have sufficient capacity assigned to the Control Room repository for its proper functioning.

Note: For IQ Bot server requirements, see IQ Bot hardware and software requirements .

Enterprise Client machine requirements

Enterprise Client can be installed on any machine that meets the listed requirements. The values listed are for the specific corresponding component. Bot Creator and Bot Runner requirements are included in the Enterprise Client requirements.

Component server Processor RAM Storage

(free disk space)

Enterprise Client on hardware machines. 3.5 GHz plus with 4 multi-cores or higher 8 GB or more per machine 8 GB 1 GbE

Enterprise Client on virtual machines.

Virtual machine options:

  • Citrix XenDesktop 1
  • VMware Horizon Client version 4.8.0 or later
  • Windows multi-user terminal servers

4 virtual CPU (vCPU) or Logical Processor with 1.2 to 1.5 GHz speed per vCPU

8 GB per virtual machine

8 GB 1 GbE

Enterprise Client on cloud service.

Cloud provider options:

  • Amazon Web Services EC2
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Microsoft Azure
4 CPU per Automation Anywhere instance

8 GB per Automation Anywhere instance

8 GB 1 GbE
Additional users on a multi-user system. 2 CPU per additional user 4 GB per additional user No additional storage needed No additional network needed.
Bot Creator and Bot Runner 3.5 GHz plus with 4 multi-cores or higher 8 GB or more per machine

Add 100 through 150 KB per Automation Anywhere script

Add 40 through 50 GB per long-term MetaBot project

1 GbE
Note 1
To install the Enterprise Client on a Citrix XenDesktop, install Citrix Receiver on the local machine that you use to login to the Citrix XenDesktop.
RAM on Enterprise Client machines:
  • Enterprise Client is a 32-bit application and multi-threaded, and it executes multiple tasks in parallel including running bots.
  • Add additional RAM to account for applications and services running on the Enterprise Client server, for example:
    • Microsoft Office applications. Example: Excel
    • Browsers. Example: Google Chrome
    • Enterprise applications. Example: CRM, Oracle EBS, and SAP
    • VDI infrastructure applications
    • Anti-virus software
Storage disk space on Enterprise Client machines:
  • Automation Anywhere scripts average approximately 100-150 KB. Additional free disk space is required to develop automation projects, since creates temporary files like screen shots, server logs, and audit files, during the execution of the automation scripts.
  • Free space required increases with the project size. It is recommended to have at least 40-50 GB of free disk space for each long term project.
  • Increase storage space configuration after installation, as needed, depending on product usage. For example, in MetaBot Designer, generating log files and logic creation, require additional disk space later.