Enterprise 11: create queues

Create queues that hold specific sets of data your bot is expecting for automation. To create queues, an Control Room administrator grants the Create queues feature permission and assigns the AAE_Queue Admin role.


Create a queue by providing details such as the queue name, queue owners, participants, consumers, and by defining the work item structure.
Tip: A summary of these details is available in the tab on the left side. Open any tab to edit the details.


  1. Go to Workload > Queues.
  2. Click Create queue.
    The Create queue page appears.
  3. Configure the following General Settings:
    1. Queue Name: Enter a name for the queue that reflects its purpose.
      For example, Payroll Queue for work items that are designed to manage a payroll system.
    2. Optional: Description: Enter a description that reflects what the queue will achieve.
      For example, the Payroll Queue will process automations that are designed to manage the payroll system.
    3. Reactivation Threshold: Select the minimum number of new work items with a Ready to Run status required in the queue to resume the queue processing after all the work items in the queue are processed.
      By default, this is 1 (one).
    4. Optional: Time required for a person to complete one work item: Select the average time that a person would need to complete one work item in seconds, minutes, hours, or days.
  4. Click Next to Enterprise 11: Add queue owners
    Note: You can choose to Create draft of queue and add the remaining information later.