Schedule a task

Schedule a task using the Scheduler.

Select the task to schedule from the Task List.

Version 11.3.4Users with an Attended Bot Runner license can no longer create, edit, or delete schedules using the Enterprise Client. TaskBots already scheduled by the same user or a different user from the same machine will continue to be executed based on the previously defined schedule.

Version 11.3.4In addition, the SCHEDULE tab is no longer visible to the users with the Attended Bot Runner license.


  1. Click the SCHEDULE tab.
  2. Set the scheduling information for time, date, and frequency.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Provide credentials if prompted.
    Note: If the credentials where previously saved in the Windows login credentials in Login Settings option, users might not be prompted.

Next steps

Use the Current Task Schedule(s) table to set or remove additional times to run the scheduled task.